Born in Puerto Rico and then split between NY and LA, Tati Rabell combines Latin beats with indie, dream pop & electronics to merge all her favorite musical influences into a unique sound. 

With the early influence of the Cuban revolutionary singer Silvio Rodriguez, Tati Rabell grew up studying classical guitar and Latin jazz rhythms, both of which can be heard in her rhythmic finger-picking all throughout her music. Yet the later influences of indie rock and electronic beats surely found their way into her heart for the colorful mix of styles that she makes today. An all-around renaissance woman - Singer-songwriter, Composer, Producer, Filmmaker, Reiki Master, Sound healer & Shamanic Healer - Tati pulls from her ever-changing life to make honest songs that both move the feet & touch the heart.

In 2014 Tati found herself in the healing arts learning Reiki & other modalities, and soon thereafter discovered the integration of music and sound as part of her work. For the last year, she has been traveling around South America, playing music and offering different kinds of healing magic.

Tati continues to produce songs, currently finishing her self-produced debut in Peru - while still continuing to work with her collaborators at Blue Rhode Studios, and select songwriters and producers from Los Angeles. Her upcoming album - Flotando - will add a full-length production of 8 songs, to her collection of three EPs since her launch in 2010.

Beyond her changing style, Tati's lyrics, soaring melodies, world beats and delicate voice continue to evolve and surprise us. Stay tuned for her latest!