Originally from Puerto Rico, Tati Rabell grew up studying classical guitar and Latin jazz rhythms, as well as writing poetry and songs since the age of 14. After a bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering, and a Masters’ degree in filmmaking, Tati began her music career in 2009, recording her debut EP titled ‘TMI’ at Blue Rhode Studios in Los Angeles.

Since releasing ‘TMI’ in 2010, Tati has independently released two additional EPs titled ‘What I Want’ and ‘The Way Out’, both in 2015. Each release taking a new musical turn, altogether navigating multiple genres such as quirky folk, indie rock, Latin rhythms, indie pop, dance pop, and later on landing on her current style of dreamy electropop with ethereal vocals in both Spanish and English.

Her latest production, full-length debut album ’Flotando’, is to be her first album to be fully written, produced, arranged and performed by Tati, taking her more deeply into the electropop genre, with chillout beats and mellow indie pop rhythms. 'Flotando' is to be released by Winter 2017, under the International independent label Electro Douche, based in Peru and founded in 2017. Tati is to be one of the label's originating artists.

Tati is additionally a Reiki Master and practitioner of other Healing Arts. She currently runs her healing practice out of Kali Wasi, in the Sacred Valley of Peru, where she also recorded and arranged part of ‘Flotando’. Tati integrates music and healing, by offering sound baths, chanting and other forms of sound healing as part of Kali Wasi’s retreats.  For the last year, she has been traveling around South America, playing music in small venues and ceremonies, and offering different types of healing services.

Tati continues to work with her collaborators at Blue Rhode Studios, and select songwriters and producers from Los Angeles. Her upcoming album 'Flotando' was mixed and mastered by Andrew DeLucia in North Hollywood.

Beyond her changing style, Tati's lyrics, soaring melodies, world beats and delicate voice continue to evolve and surprise us. Stay tuned for her latest, soon to come!

Press: https://www.sonicbids.com/band/tati-rabell/press/